Hi! This is an intervention. You are not alone.

The pandemic forever changed the way we communicate. We were on online meetings, living in isolation —  truly “connecting” with others being more difficult than ever. Our mental health suffered. Intervention The Convention is a [virtual] space to overcome this disconnection, by coming together to talk about feelings, or just...shouting them out.ROLE
Designer, Motion Designer, Copywriter

Main Teaser []

The Identity for Intervention The Convention is inspired by un-bottling emotions — the visual language borrows from the very loud and attention catching pinball machines, caution tapes, and the metaphor of atoms to represent the vast spectrum of emotions felt by people — and the notion that they are all accepted.

Speaker Idents []

Speaker intros utilize a fun, approachable dynamic between the audience and the presenters. The pinball shapes were used as stickers to focus on both their professional background as well as articulating their public opinion/social media presence.

Lower Thirds

Announcing the next event, presenter or speaker would include a quote from them with the lower third. The brand identity is also re-iterated through a bug popping in from time to time.

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