A micro-experience exploiting human curiosity and highlighting the implications of falling for exciting technological gimmicks. 


Brain Frame is a futuristic click bait. It is a commentary on how people are tantalized by technology, trying things out, nonchalantly giving their data away.

This micro-experience confronts them by reading data from their brain and giving them nothing in return. It is a speculative re-imagination of, “Take this survey to win an Amazon Gift Card”


This experience was inspired by Elon Musk’s neuralink, the articles and concerns surrounding it, as well as the implications of using implants in our bodies. 


I built this program entirely on Processing (a Java library) -- which was entirely new to me. I also learnt about electrical circuits. Especially what a triac is.

The Set-Up Plan 

Establishing an effective set-up is a significant part of how this experience will be taken in by people. I have tested a number of set-ups (with bad photographs), out of which I believe that a more open space, with the program projected in a dark room will be the best way to go about this. 

Set-Up Tests + Behind The Scenes

Though this project did not materialize due to the constraints of time and space availability — I was able to test the circuitry at each milestone and gather feedback from my peers.

Future Plans & Learning

I would like to continue this project by building and testing out in a larger space. I am interested in understanding people’s reactions to this experiment! I am excited to delve deeper into Processing/Java and combining that with interactivity and motion design!