A partnered collaboration (UX & Automotive) to improve commute experiences through research-based speculative development.


Unity Technologies came to us with a fun assignment — what would commute look like? In pairs we were given a major city (New York) and a persona (someone with partial hearing) to start our process.


We committed to a holistic combination of both our individual steps as designers. Our focus was to create a transit system with wellness and meditation in mind.

︎︎︎Fieldwork and Research

I. Positioning New York City Our research took form through a deep-dive in positioning the cultural, social and technological aspects of New York City. We also focused on New York’s subway system, and it’s complex relationship with accessibility.

III. Interview & Surveys
It was important to us to interview New Yorkers to understand their perspective on how transit functioned in the city. These insights helped us as outsiders looking in, to look for opportunities to intervene.

IV. Persona + User Journey

︎︎︎Conceptualizing & iterating

Bodystorming We spent time prototyping the form of the vehicle and how it would function with technology — we tried bodystorming to figure out different social situations inside a public transit space.

︎︎︎Final story

Orbo is a fully-automated individual pod for transit, available to book, or to be accessed from the orbo strcutures spread throughout the city.

The seat and central screen unit are adjustable according to a person’s posture and mood.

The belt is inspired by airplane seats, the side walls are touch enabled and control the interiors of Orbo.

Each pod four different sensor points for interactivity inside the vehicle:

I. The motion camera and sensor for detecting gestures
II. The touch panel for ambient adjustments in the vehicle 
III. Alert sensors for collisions, and impacts
IV. A central screen for viewing personalized content

︎︎︎Radhika’s Day