(Welcome to the page where I do not talk about myself in third person)  (Thank you for stopping by!)  (Don’t be afraid to say hi!)

Hello there!

I’m Jigyasa, a multi-disciplinary designer interested in exploring socio-cultural conversations surrounding access, inclusivity and equality through the lenses of design and technology.

︎ At 18 years old, I moved 8,000 miles away from home on my own to immerse myself in design.

︎ Now, I've got a pocket full of experiences, a journal full of stories, and passion — to create meaningful work and be the best version of myself — no matter where I am in the world. 📓🌱

︎I am most interested in creating interactive experiences that delight people, systems that span across multiple media, research driven work, and spaces that foster inclusivity.

︎Currently, I design cool things at Own Up to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at homeownership.

︎You can find me stirring the pot from time to time.